Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ok I am going to cut my hairNow I am getting my highlights.She is done cutting it (and she did not do a good job)

But at lest my highlights looks good!!! and they are under my hair so you can not see them on top and I don't have to keep up with them.Can you see the difference? one side is shorter than the other.

Thanks for reading. XOXOSarah

Friday, May 7, 2010

Magic leverag (curlers)

klllI came across this kit in sally beauty supply store, and wanted to see what it was about, oh and I love it!!!
so I put it in my hair when it was half dry because you don't want to put any heat on your hair or it will make it look frizzy and we don't want that.
This is was it looks like when I took them out, very easy.

Then I just pulled them apart and did not touch them anymore, and they lasted a long time.

I hope y'all liked it!!! XOXO Sarah

Monday, April 19, 2010

My everyday make-up

I love looking natural in the summer , I love to use skin colors and browns, and that good because browns looks good on blues eyes.This is every thing I used.

On my face I used Maybelline Mineral Powered in ivory, and the brush I uesed was the smash box 19 brush.
on the cheeks I used the smashbox supermodel.
on my lips I used the sally hansen in baby pink.
on my lashes I used cargo
I love this palette called natural eye by too faced, and I used the top row.
I put heaven the lightest color all over my eye, then I took Velvet Revolver in my crease and pulled it up. Than took sexspresso the darkest of the 3, and just put it on my outer counter to make my eye look bigger.
I wanted to add these earrings because I wear them all most every day. So simple and classic and gose with anything. My pearls.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

TAG: Products I'm Loving Right now

I was taged by Jazzgirl

Shampoo: Sexyhair organics by sexy hair

Conditioner: Sexyhair organics by sexy hair

Styling products: root pump by sexy hair

Shower Gel: philosophy dark chocolate

Body Moisturiser: love spell from Victoria's secret

Deodorant: lady speed stick in fruity melon.

Fake Tan: bare bronze from Victoria's secret

Cleanser: clinique bar

Exfoliator: suger srub from korres

Primer: smash box light

Foundation brush: I like to use my fingers

Concealer: bare minerals in well rested

Powder: smash box halo in light

Blusher: smash box in super model

Bronzer: dallas by Benefit

Highlighter: smash box in super model the other side

Eyeshadow base: tarte

Eyeshadows: the natural palette from too face

Eyeliner: mac fluidline in black track

Curler: conair

Mascara: urban decay fatty lash (its a love hate thing)

Lipstick: buxom in berlin

Lipgloss: Buxom in zena

Nail Colour: Opi in Im ok, your bouquet

Thanks for the tag it was fun I tag everyone.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My TKB Trading package is here!!

I got my package form Tkb Trading yesterday and I have make a few videos on it, like and haul and how to "de-bag it" and more. But the 2 small white packages are really just one the box came in side the there one and nothing was broken. the bigger box will come later. But I hope y'all enjoy. Oh and I bought all this with my own money and the shipping to the USA was only 4.99 , and it cam fast I order it on Thursday and I received it on Monday.

This is the pop colors I was not going to get these and I was just going to get the colors I like. But then I thought I could make my own eyeshadow colors. $9 for 7 and I got the other 3 for 1.50 each. those are carbon black, Swiss chocolate and white. and its by tablespoon, that's alot.

And I got the Sparks colors I love these because there like macs glitters, but cheaper. I will to swatches soon, look out for that. 7 for 9.45. but this only comes with a teaspoon.

And I got the pans to press the pigments in to and you can see that I have already did some they are fun but really messy. and I got the small round ones (26mm same as mac size) and I got 25 for $4. A great deal.

I also got these awesome palettes, I need to get some more before they are gone just they are on sale for 4.50. and it only comes in black. But it has a big magnet on the bottom.

And I got some jars to put them in because they do come in bags and that is so messy I need to get some jars.

I think macs are 12 grams, and the ones I got are 25 grams.

And I got the holla glow glitter, I forgot to take a pic of it. but it will be in my video and in an up coming switch and the many ways to use it. and the already comes in a jar. thanks for reading love to hear from y'all.